About Canatec

Canatec Pte Ltd provides quality infrastructure solutions to help companies create an operating environment of high reliability and availability for their critical servers and equipment. It is our primary objective to provide high quality engineering products and services for the corporate clients.

Our solutions include site audit and feasibility studies, infrastructure setup and preventive maintenance services. Supported by a team of experts who thoroughly understand the stringent requirements of the mission critical environment, we shall be able to mitigate unforeseen situations to upkeep your critical infrastructure in optimum condition, while maximizing uptime.

With extensive experience in servicing of the critical infrastructure equipment, we fore-plan preventive measures to maximize the lifespan of your equipment while maintain best quality and standards.

In our efforts to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients, we have partnered with CANATAL International for their state-of-the-art CRAC systems, and TRACETEK for the very reliable Water Detection Systems and Sensing Cables.

Be it enhancement to your existing data centre or setting up of a new premise, you can contact us to help you to plan it out!

  • Our Solutions

    > Consultancy & Design

    > Turnkey Solutions For IT Infastructure

    > Preventive Maintenance

    > 24/7 Technical Support Services

    > Office Interior Design & Space Planning