Precision Cooling Systems

CANATAL’s line of reliable, durable and intelligent precision air conditioners is engineered to feature energy efficient components and enhanced flow methodology. Featuring EC plenum fan with underfloor fan installation and intelligent CO-WORK networking capabilities, the ME Series systems provide up to 30% energy efficiency and multiple units LAN connectivity.

Modes of Cooling Available : Air Cooled Series, Water Cooled Series, Chilled Water Series, Dual Coil Series (Air Cooled & Chilled Water)

Types of Systems

ME Series
  • Capacity : 14kW to 150kW
  • Energy Efficient, EC Plenum Fan Driven Systems
Series 6
  • Capacity : 10kW to 19kW
  • Single Circuit. Centrifugal Fan Type
Series 8
  • Capacity : 22kW to 39kW
  • Single Circuit. Centrifugal Blower Type
Series 9
  • Capacity : 52kW to 99kW
  • Dual Circuit, Centrifugal Blower Type