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 Environmental Monitoring System

Monitoring and control system today requires real-time performance, remote access and uses of mobile technology for anywhere, anytime fault and alarm notification. This is crucial for an effective and timely management of equipment, facilities and services. It  should interface with any equipment or device to provide wireless SMS and email alerting, remote monitoring and control.


Building Monitoring System (BMS)

A computer-based control system installed in buildings to control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment for power, lighting, chiller, fire, security, etc.

BMS is a critical component to manage energy demands and also in controlling the building’s internal environment, allowing controls to the access controls, CCTV, motion detectors, fire alarm systems and much more.


Fire Protection System

The fire protection systems are used to detect and suppress fire outbreak in any commercial or industrial areas. Applying the right fire protection system is critical to the well being of the people, facilities, equipment and data storage, in terms of minimal damage control.

Below are the different types of fire protection systems available :

  • >   FM200 Fire Suppression
  • >   Very Early Smoke Detection
  • >   Pre-action Sprinkler
  • >   Wet Sprinkler


Security & Survelliance System

From securing door access to surveillance of your premises, having reliable security access and video surveillance systems will give you the peace of mind that every business owner needs.

The types of security & survelliance systems available :

  • >   Card, keypad, biometric security access systems
  • >   Mantrap access control systems
  • >   CCTV, InfraRed, Digital Video Recorder surveillance systems