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Computer room air conditioning CRAC

Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC)

Go green with optimal precision air conditioning for server rooms. CANATAL’s line of reliable, durable and intelligent Precision Cooling System, also known as CRAC, is engineered to feature energy efficient components and enhanced flow methodology. Featuring EC plenum fan installation and intelligent “CO-WORK™” networking capabilities, these systems provide energy savings of up to 30% at a smaller footprint, with multiple units LAN connectivity made available.

Check out available precision air conditioning units below, for computer and server room application.

Precision Cooling Unit ME Series

ME Series

CANATAL ME Series Precision Cooling Unit (CRAC) is designed with cutting edge technology for energy efficiency, superior quality and user friendly network controls.

Precision Cooling Unit R Series

R Series

CANATAL R Series systems feature highly efficient rack in-row cooling, uniform temperature and air distribution, and are particularly suited for the cold or hot aisle containment settings.

Precision Cooling Unit Guardian Series


CANATAL GUARDIAN Series systems, with its compact structure and lower cooling capacity range, provides consistent temperature & humidity control within a smaller footprint.