CANATEC ME Series CRAC Systems are designed with cutting edge technology for energy efficiency, superior quality and user friendly network controls.

With its compact and modular design, these cooling units fit into tight spaces and allow for capacity upgrading without the need to purchase a whole new CRAC, therefore minimizing the floor space required. Being fully customizable, the equipment can be tailored to specific site requirements through parts and components modification and enhancement.

  • Installation and Maintenance friendly
  • 100% front serviceable doors for easy access and maintenance
  • Co-WorkTM network capability
  • User-friendly controller interface

CANATEC ME Series is specifically developed for precise environmental control applications:

  • Data centres / Server farms
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Test labs
  • Command centers
  • Product facilities
Precision Cooling Unit ME Series

Compact but efficient CRAC unit for even the smallest of server rooms. Our modular design allows for customization and upgrades to suit all customer requirements.

Capacity : 25kW to 100kW

CANATEC ME Series Chilled Water system

Combines chilled water and variable speed controls for precise cooling and humidity control. Select from a wide range of capacities to suit any requirements. 

Capacity : 40kW to 180kW

CANATEC ME Series Chilled Water system

Efficient cooling supported by an additional chilled water circuit, engineered for data centres and server rooms.

Capacity : 25kW to 90kW

CANATEC ME Series Chilled Water system

Our Dual Circuit CRAC delivers increased cooling capacity via compact, modular design. Recommended for precise environmental control.  

Capacity : 75kW to 150kW