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Our Reliable Backup Power System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides essential backup power in the event of electrical outages, ensuring continuous operation of critical systems and preventing possible data loss or equipment damage.

Protect your infrastructure with our adaptable uninterrupted power supply technology that uses Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) technology to ensure efficiency and reliability for a range of critical applications.

Modular & scalable

Ease of maintenance

Compatible with lithium-ion battery

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

PW 9500DPA
Top-of-the-line uninterruptible power supply unit with an online energy efficiency of up to 96%. Up to 99% in eco-mode, contributing to carbon footprint reduction efforts.

Capacity: 100 kVA – 500 kVA


PW 9250DPA
This modular uninterrupted power supply unit is built for medium-density applications such as data rooms and healthcare facilities.

Capacity: 50 kVA – 300 kVA


PW 9000DPA
This uninterrupted power supply is designed with ‘hot swap’ modules for future scalability, delivering a power availability of 99.999% for demanding IT and data environments.

Capacity: 30 kVA – 250 kVA


PW 8000DPA
Designed for low and medium power applications, this uninterrupted power supply unit offers incredible efficiency and flexibility via proven decentralized parallel architecture.

Capacity: 10 kVA – 60 kVA